It’s official: the post race blues have struck.

Three weeks ago today, Ryan and I were pounding (well, plodding) our way round the Mont Blanc Marathon, and it felt amazing. (Ryan’s account is here; I’ll write about it soon. In short, the experience was FABULOUS; our performance was pitiful; and we’ll be back to Do It Better Next Time.)

But for now it’s over; we’re home, the euphoria has faded and I’m languishing. The house is a building site (literally – our renovation project kicked off whilst we were away in France so now it’s all bare plaster, torn carpets, holes in the wall and half-unpacked suitcases – carnage); I’ve got no more races planned; no trips to the Alps to look forward to; no glorious French sunshine to make the world feel right … just work-eat-drink-sleep-repeat. It’s time to get a grip.

Back home to the building site. Pass the wine …

I’m a big believer in the restorative power of planning. I also believe that going public with your plans is a good first step to achieving them. So, here goes: here’s the plan that’s going to banish the post-race blues and get me up and running again:

Goal 1: Revive the race diary. I’m at my best as a runner when I’ve got a race to train for, and I’m at my best as a person when I’m doing what I love. Running is one of those things. If filling my calendar with race dates is what it takes to force myself to find the time to do what I love, then that’s how it’s going to be. Goals need to be SMART, right? So I’ll do this by next Sunday.

Goal 2: Cut out the wine. Or at least, cut the consumption back down to pre-holiday levels. I’ve slipped into that post-holiday habit; a glass tonight because it’s Sunday; a glass tomorrow because it’s Monday; a glass on Tuesday because it’s a shame to let it go to waste … but when you’re up at 6 every morning – which, with work and a busy toddler, I am – a glass of wine in the evening is not your friend. So, wine at weekends. ONLY. That’s the new rule.

Wine, bread, TdF on telly. Clinging on to that holiday vibe ...
TdF on telly – clinging on to that French holiday vibe …

Goal 3: Bring back the plyometrics. I qualified as a fitness instructor last year, and I run a mean circuits session. I LOVE circuits. But time is hard to find; I come home tired after work; I’m busy; one thing and another, blah, blah, blah. Nonsense. If I can’t find half an hour three times a week for a quick blast of HIIT, it’s a sorry state of affairs. Heavens, I should be doing one now! So, 30 mins circuits, 3 x per week. Starting this week.

Circuits are IN.
It’s official: circuits are back.

Goal 4: Clean up the eating. Three weeks ago it was carb loading. Then I was racing. Then I was recovering; then I was on holiday; then I was back from holiday and needing a treat. Now it’s gone on long enough. What I need is good, honest nutrition; easy on the caffeine; easy on the sugar. It’ll be tough to start with, but it’s going to help in the long run. Literally …
(OK, so I’ll need to think about what the SMART bit of this goal will be, but I’m on it.)

Goal 5: Hold myself to account. SMART goals are accountable, so it’s my task to hold myself to account and Make It Happen. I’m going to smash this!! Report coming up next week. As is the new updated Race Diary …

So, it’s official: the post-race blues have got to go. That was then. Life is NOW.