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The 401 Challenge: running with Ben

Beyond the stats and the timing chips, every runner has a story: the thing in there that drives us to keep going, step after step and day after day. That’s the single most Continue reading “The 401 Challenge: running with Ben”

My postnatal fitness programme: did it work?

What a difference four months makes. The first 16 weeks, gone in a flash. Zoom! Blink and you’ve missed it. A lot has changed; my little girl is not so tiny any more. But what about my 16 Week Pick and Mix Postnatal Fitness Plan? Did it work? Here’s the low-down: Continue reading “My postnatal fitness programme: did it work?”

Racing the train: a DIY adventure

Two miles to go and the race is on, as I suddenly realise: I might just win this. Oh dear. I’d expected to be beaten long before now! The realisation that I’m still in with a chance comes Continue reading “Racing the train: a DIY adventure”

Learn, Experience, Challenge, Achieve. #4X4B440

39: Part 2

I’m not sure where the long-term future lies, but that’s OK: I don’t need to be able to predict it to invest in it. Investing in the future is about furnishing yourself with the skills, Continue reading “Learn, Experience, Challenge, Achieve. #4X4B440”

The possibilities are endless. So now what?

39: Part 1

Sure, age is just a number. It’s just that some numbers feel weightier than others. A few weeks Continue reading “The possibilities are endless. So now what?”

Running Alpe d’Huez: the 21 bend challenge

The legendary 21 bends of Alpe d’Huez, with 1000+ m of height gain over 14 kilometres, are one of the most iconic landscapes of the Tour de France. Alpe d’Huez itself, perched high Continue reading “Running Alpe d’Huez: the 21 bend challenge”

What scares you makes you stronger

In the end, the only way to jump off the cliff is to jump off the cliff. Fix your resolve and do it now, or walk away. Other people can cheer you on or put you off; they might help bolster your Continue reading “What scares you makes you stronger”

“Every piece of every tiny little thing you’ve ever thought is filled with possibilities. You don’t know what. And that’s scary…” Great article by Sarah Cooper, shared via Medium

Counting to 100: 4 lessons in life and racing from my first Aquathlon

Twenty minutes before the start of the Pilmuir Aquathlon, and I was ready to give up and go home. I was standing at the boot of my jacked-up car in fine drizzle, trying simultaneously to Continue reading “Counting to 100: 4 lessons in life and racing from my first Aquathlon”

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